To SSD or not to SSD, that is the question

As I started to do more in Photography, I also started to work on my computers. I was frustrated with the pre-packaged set up of most windows computers. There was so much bloat in terms of programs, and not enough power or space in the cases on with the boards to add in what I needed. So I made my own, and have never looked back. Micro Center has a great T Shirt with a hand and a screwdriver where it says "I void warranties." I will try new things, and have added blu ray burners, memory, hard drives, port multipliers, and the list goes on.

SSD's are interesting. Basically flash memory like a CF card, and a concern on how many times you write and erase on the same card. It is too expensive to replace a C drive completely for me for the size I want. I have separated out my programs from my data files for the most part (all photos are on a separate hard drive, backed up in two places). One person keeps all of the Lightroom catalogs in the SSD (John Beardsworth suggests this for speed). I would like to speed up my boot time, and have thought about putting Windows 7 Pro and Lightroom3 and Photoshop CS5 on the SSD, and the rest of the programs on the old C drive. May test this out with a Vertez 2 from OCZ, 120 gb at a cost of about $200.00.

Anyone trying this or have any thoughts? I would love to hear from you. E-mail me at

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Bill Bogle, Jr.