Spring Cleaning

Just the sound of that sends shivers down my spine. But it is time to take some time and take stock of space, and what to do with it. The computer room is getting quite full with cameras, computer parts, tables and printers. When you don't change the volume, but try to reconfigure it, you can get some more efficient use, but it still is the same square footage. Improving the electrical service and outlet locations has been a great help. I am starting to look into relocating Ethernet lines so hard wired computers can be located elsewhere.

It is time to look at what is used on a regular basis, and to find a convenient space for the same, and put away the other stuff. I need more workspace. I am trying to box up the older stuff and put it away. I can't get myself to part with some of the older stuff, so I need to find a place for it. George Carlin used to talk about a place for my stuff. That is all that we are after. I heard that thirty years ago we had no "self storage" facilities, and now the storage space rented to house all of the extra stuff is larger than the total square footage of the houses we used to occupy.

So it is off to the garage, going through boxes, making decisions, and making sorted piles. Maybe a garage sale is in the offing, but I will not part with my cameras or darkroom equipment.