The 2010 Western Beauty Desktop Calendar - buy yours now!

The 2010 Desktop Calendar is now available for sale for only $13.00, which includes New York State Sales Tax. It is packaged in a clear CD case, which keeps all 14 pages in place when closed, and opens up to become the holder at a convenient angle to view.

Just put the cover and the last month in the back, and each month you have a new picture. You can see how small a footprint it has in this picture.

This year I traveled out West with my family to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. We stayed near Yellowstone National Park for four days, and we covered most of the Park. I came away with several thousand images, and have put some favorites in my calendar. There are shots from the top of a fire station at Devil's Head in Colorado, the Tetons and the Snake River and plains from the plane coming into Jackson Hole, the pools and thermal areas, terraces, and other amazing features of Yellowstone National Park, and some animals, including a big bison and a curious chipmunk.

Each calendar page is printed on glossy cardstock. The calendars can be shipped easily. Shipping by USPS First Class Mail is $1.56. Local pick up is available. Call me at (845) 452-9711 to arrange for pick up.

If you received any of my calendars as gifts last year, you can purchase the calendar pages for $10.00, NYS sales tax included, and reuse the CD case. Shipping will be $1.39 by USPS First Class Mail.

The calendar is a great present. It takes up very little desk space, but has the month and dates in large numbers. Have the excitement of seeing a new picture each month.

Archival matte or framed copies of each of the images are also available for purchase in various image sizes. Please contact me if you want to order any prints.

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