It's been a year (and quite a year)

Okay, I know it has been over a year from my last blog. Too many things to do. Let's take a short inventory:

Went to New Orleans and did Katrina Disaster Relief work over last Thanksgiving. Some of the most rewarding work and time (joining my daughter and others from Oakwood Friends School).

Grew a beard (my first) during the New Orleans trip, and kept it until Christmas. Found out that my family, and especially my wife, did not like the beard.

Attended several workshops:

Joe McNally in Dobbs Ferry - incredible energy and information.
ASMP on Digital Asset Management with Peter Krogh
Expression Media 2 day long workshop with Peter Krogh
Wedding Workshop with Mary Ann Glass

Shot two weddings for relatives. Did it for fun, and liked the results. Got to meet Clay Blackmore at the first wedding and share thoughts. Not bad for the first attempt to really shoot a wedding.

Went out west to Colorado (one of the weddings) and climbed Devils' Head near Sedalia, CO. Flew into Jackson Hole, First Class for the first time (thanks Captain David!) and got some incredible shots on the way in from the plane (thanks United).

Went to Yellowstone National Park, stayed in West Yellowstone, MT, and covered all of the north part of the park. Great images of amazing landscapes and animals. Bison, black bears, bald eagles, and lots of elk. Geysers!

Shot some great fall foliage at the Morse Estate at Locust Grove, one of my favorite spots.

Went to Mohonk three times in one year. Great food.

Saw my daughter intern as a photojournalist for the Poughkeepsie Journal, with front page photos and a wonderful experience for her career.

Saw the opening of the Walkway over the Hudson, and been up and across several times. Great fall images still need to be processed.

And with this all, started to get better organized. The next post will detail what I have done, why I have done it, and where I am going with my photo archive and workflow.

Check out A wonderful site to help with all of this,

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I know I can update that more frequently than my Blog. It won't be another year until my next blog post.

Thanks. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take some time to to spend some quite worship thinking about all of the blessings and reasons we have to give thanks.

Bill Bogle, Jr.