Almost Autumn

It is getting to be that time of year. As Labor Day approaches, the weather starts to turn brisk, the humidity drops, and the color starts. We have had a strange year so far. Wet, cool, then an extended period of hot weather, then wet and cooler. What will the fall bring? Color, I hope. Anyone who lives in the Northeast knows the fall is the time for color. The old sugar maples turn yellow and red, and we get the beautiful vistas of color. So it is time to get out and do things to prepare for the fall foliage. Maple and Apple Trees, Fall at Locust Grove


Get out and hike. Few shots are good shots from the edge of the road. Being in shape now will serve you well for the fall hikes.

Make sure you have a head lamp and a map, a phone or gps. The days are getting shorter. It gets dark quickly. That trail you hiked up can get dark and you can get lost in a hurry. Plan your route, tell people where you are going if you are heading out alone.

Check your equipment. Get it cleaned, serviced and ready for the color. Make sure you clean up old memory cards. Back things up, make sure you have an off site copy, and preferably a copy in another format such as BluRay disks before you wipe the card. Format the card and place them in your case so it shows it is empty.

Practice. You don't need great color to take great images. Work on reflections now. Try the graduated neutral density filters now. Get to know how everything operates.

Stream Black Creek Esopus, NY


Tree Roots, Hudson River Bank, Esopus, NY

Have fun and enjoy my favorite season.