Workshop possibilities: Business and Digital Asset Management Strategies

I am pondering holding a small workshop later in the Spring on one or two topics. Both would involve the technical side of the business of photography. The first would be businesses. For many photographers, this one is the daunting issue. They are creative, but the business side is more elusive. The topics would range from the choice and benefit of an entity, from sole proprietorship (d/b/a) to incorporation (Subchapter S and not C) to Limited Liability Companies. It would include the respective costs to file, and annual costs, and the pluses and minuses. This would include discussions on insurance, including personal property such as camera gear (commonly done with "floaters"), liability, including additional insured coverage, and workman's compensation coverage. Sales tax and other filings would also be discussed, as well a some bookkeeping tips. For full legal disclosure, this would not be in lieu of formal legal or accounting advice, and no engagement is made or implied by this workshop, as it is an overview. This is would be a good introduction for anyone considering starting a business, or deciding where to take the business. It can also touch on copyright and other protections, and have a brief overview of websites and other disclaimers.

The second workshop would be for Digital Asset Management. I am working hard on this concept, and am no expert, but would offer to share the experiences and pitfalls I have faced, and what my current plan and working would be. This would include some hardware configurations and recommendations, as well as some software recommendations. Note, digital asset management is primarily about safe storage and handling in the hardware end, with cataloging on the software end. The software end is an evolving market, but you need to stay current so that your choice is not left as an unsupported orphan. Spoiler alert: some of this may involve connecting with your inner tech geek.

Both workshops would be small and inexpensive, and be part of or one day at most. If you think this is something you might be interested in, e-mail me at They would be held in Poughkeepsie, NY, with the location dependent on the number of persons signed up. The Digital Asset Management workshop would most likely be in my studio, which would have a maximum of no more than eight. Thank you for your interest.