Thank you all for coming by to see me at the HVAG Fall Colors show

I had a great time Saturday. It was my first Craft Show as a participant, and it was fun! I was able to display my work and get it out there. A busy day, with set up, trying to get the right look, and then sales. The traffic was steady, and I enjoyed talking to people about my work. The calendars proved to be a big seller. It was great to be able to show the larger framed prints of the images in the calendar. I will put up images of my booth. A huge thank you to Mary Ann Glass who not only lent me her Propanels, but brought them and picked them up from the show, as my car would not have held them. I learned a great deal on what it takes to be in a Craft Show, and the work to get ready and make sales. It is not just printing images. For all of you who took the time to look at my work, and stop by, I would appreciate any comments you have. You can e-mail me at
The calendars will be featured on my Blog and my Website shortly. They are for sale, and are $12.02, plus NYS Sales Tax a total of $13.00. Please contact me about shipping and handling if applicable. If you are local (Dutchess County, NY) you can contact me to either have me drop them off or pick them up. They are all local Mid Hudson Valley images, and they are going quickly. I have a limited number available, and they make great Holiday gifts. Check back here for more information.
Again, thanks for the support and nice comments.