What to bring (or not to bring) to the Photowalk

I did a Photowalk in New York City and we walked a good deal across the Village. This got me thinking about the upcoming Walkway over the Hudson Photowalk. The walk will not be about instruction, but some tips here might help you have a great time shooting.

It looks like it is going to be very hot. So first thing, a water bottle, with ice if possible. A good pair of shoes, either sneakers, hiking shoes or the like. It is really flat so no climbing is required. Light colored clothes help. A hat that covers the neck and ears is helpful. I have a Tilley hat that has a big brim, and I like it as I bring the camera up to shoot the brim folds out of the way.Sunscreen, and a power bar are great, and a small towel. It can be used to keep you dry or if wet, it can cool you down. An extra memory card is a must, and a back up battery is great. You don't want to run out of space when you want the shot.

Pack light. A fanny pack or belt pack can distribute the load well. A shoulder bag or a back pack can get heavy and clumsy to access. Don't bring too much. A wide angle lens is great, and a long lens might help, but don't over do it. Too much equipment will be too heavy. (I violate this rule regularly). You can bring a tripod, but the railing of the walkway is chest high, so any tripod will probably not get above the railing. Tripods block traffic and you can get bumped if you are not looking at traffic. If you bring a bag, you will need a place to put it down while you photograph. It is extremely important to be careful on the Walkway. Don't drop a lens cap, kick your bag over, or drop anything off the walkway. It is busy up there. Simplier is better, where you can stroll and shoot without having to change lenses.

Clean your sensors, lenses and filters before you go on Saturday. Make sure your battery is charged.

I am going to bring a light tripod and a panoramic head for cameras to shoot panoramics. If I can fit your camera you can try it out.

I also will try to bring a laptop and card reader so we can download images if you want at Mahoneys. It is completely optional, as you can post to the group Flickr site for your best shots.

E-mail me at Bill@Boglephoto.com with any questions. Thanks.