The South Carolina Coast

I love water in my photography. The movement, the deep saturation of colors, and the reflections, all draw me in. The closest ocean to me has always been the Atlantic Ocean. From the wide flat beaches of Myrtle Beach, to the rocky coasts of New England. I have loved the Atlantic Ocean. I am drawn to the surf, and look for more than the standard sunrise or sunset show. My image of Morning Row, the rowboats that grace my homepage, was such an image, taken from the Isle of Shoals at sunrise. In February I had the opportunity to explore Hunting Island State Park in Southeastern South Carolina. Located near Parris Island, north of Hilton Head, it is remote, undeveloped, and beautiful. The Hunting Island Lighthouse, which is the only lighthouse in South Carolina accessible to the public, is fabulous. Great interior shots of the circular stairs, and the view from the top is a 360 degree view of the Island and the Atlantic.

But the thing I take from this first visit (and it will not be my last) is the god beams from the clouds. Most photographers know that the edge of weather can produce incredible landscapes and skies. After a heavy rain, the winds pushed through and gave me this great opportunity. At the top of the lighthouse it must have been blowing over 50 mph. The sand on the beach looked like cotton candy hovering over the base, streaming with the wind. The light reflected through and piercing the clouds was fabulous. And it was cold. But with a tripod and a hat and gloves, it was exhilarating to be there.

I will be back soon.