Anneliese Seitz-Mund was “Mama Mund” to all at NEHA’s summer Hemophilia Camp at Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Her spirit and caring was felt by everyone she met. We want to honor her memory and her mission by supporting the New England Hemophilia Association (NEHA) Summer Camp with funding for scholarships for those families who need assistance to attend Camp. We experienced the wonderful benefits and relationships that Camp gives this year. To see families with the same challenges have their children be children among other children and families is wonderful. To see counselors, who just years before were children in the Camp, help and direct children and families is amazing. To watch children get their “Big Stick” for their first successful solo infusion is amazing and the effect it has on themselves, their families and the community is heart warming. Campfire is more than just a gathering. It is a bonding with a community. Help us support NEHA in its wonderful mission and activities. Each photograph, print or calendar sold from the Eloquent Light Show or online sales will have part of the proceeds donated to NEHA for the Anneliese Seitz-Mund Family Camp Scholarship. Visit for more information about NEHA. Click here for more information.