I miss(ed) Spring

This year I missed Spring. I was in South Carolina until March 1, and then headed north for our daughter’s wedding and surgery. Both turned out great. I left to come back to the Lowcountry of South Carolina in early April, and missed Spring on both sides. Saw some on the drive down, but the Azaleas were already gone in SC, and only the crocuses were up in NY. I did get some images from NY.

White and Purple Crocus Spring 2017; flower
White and Purple Crocus Spring 2017
Purple Crocuses Spring 2017
Purple Crocuses


So I thought back a couple of years to when I was in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Here are some images I took and really enjoy. I hope you will too.

Pink Trillium GSMNP, flower
Pink Trillium GSMNP
Soft Evening Forest Light GSMNP, flower
Soft Evening Forest Light GSMNP
Stream in Spring GSMNP
Stream in Spring GSMNP
Panoramic Stream GSMNP
Panoramic Stream GSMNP

By the way, I hope you enjoy the new look on the website. Cleaner, simpler, and fresh. More to come soon with new galleries. Check back often as I post more frequently (Hey, this is better than each year, isn’t it?).

Thanks for taking a look,


Been a while

Spanish Moss Trail, Live Oak and Spanish Moss Beaufort SC
Spanish Moss Trail, Live Oak and Spanish Moss, Beaufort SC

Yes, it has been a while since my last Blog. Over a year. Sold our house, ended my law practice of 34 years, adopted a dog (Wrigley), and moved to South Carolina. Sounds like a Country Western song in the works. It has kept me from doing a good deal of scouting, shooting and most of all printing. 

South Carolina Lowcountry has so much to offer. Herons, 

Wrigley, dog, chocolate, labradoodle

egrets, and other birds are found in small ponds or beside the roads. The huge live oak trees with Spanish Moss. The smell of Carolina Jasmine. I am just getting to see some of this, and there will be more to come. I visited the Spanish Moss Trail in Beaufort. Lovely walk or bike. Wide concrete path with trees and bushes for shade, with some scenic views. I only walked a little of it as Wrigley wanted to go home. Here is a small treat of the lovely live oak with some Spanish Moss in the breeze. I hope you enjoy it. 


So my blog posts should pick up as I settle in. Look for the Bogle Photo page on Facebook, and like it and follow me there at BoglePhoto. Check me out on Instragram at Boglephoto or Twitter @Boglephoto. Click on any of the links in blue to take you to those social media pages. Thanks and look for more to follow!

Eloquent Light: Landscapes at the Adriance Memorial Library

Morning Row, Isle of Shoals, NH
Morning Row, Isle of Shoals, NH

Eloquent Light: Landscapes Show

I have a show at the Rotunda Gallery of the Adriance Memorial Library, 93 Market Street, City of Poughkeepsie, NY starting May 31, 2016. The Gallery is in the front hallway of the Library in the gorgeous historic library. It will be up until June 29, 2016. I have landscapes from local Dutchess County places such as Locust Grove and Sharon Station, Bash Bish Falls in nearby Mt. Washington, MA, and other New York locations, as well as coastal images from New Hampshire, Maine, and South Carolina. I have images from National Parks, including Acadia, Great Smoky Mountain, Bryce Canyon, and Death Valley. I also have two of my personal favorites, Wormsloe, GA and Morning Row, Isle of Shoals. I hope you can get to see the show.

As part of the Poughkeepsie Open Studios, on Saturday June 18, 2016 at 3:00 pm I will be having an Artist’s Reception and Talk at the Rotunda Gallery of the Library. Please come by to say hello, look at my prints, and ask me any questions. I look forward to seeing you.

Bill Bogle, Jr.

Eloquent Light: Landscapes Show

Order the 2016 Wonderful Water Desktop Calendar here

1_wonderful water_cover 2016

This year the calendar highlights Wonderful Water. When I look back at my portfolio, water is a key theme in my images. It is an essential element in life. Purchase the 2016 Desktop Calendar Wonderful Water and enjoy twelve new images throughout the year. Here is the cover and several months with the images.

Bogle_12_December 2016Bogle_1_January 2016 January

The Calendar comes in a plastic CD case, which opens up to become the stand for the calendar. It has a small footprint, and sits on a table, desk, or next to your computer for that quick reference. It will brighten up your day. Twelve handcrafted images. The price for the Calendar, with Case, is $13.87, plus New York State Sales Tax of $1.13, for a total of $15.00 with sales tax, plus shipping and handling of $2.50.

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Order Quantity 2016 Wonderful Water Calendar with case

Don’t have PayPal? Send me a check, or see me at an upcoming show, or in galleries and locations that I am in.

Bogle_8_August_2016 Calendar

All of the images are available separately for sale matted or framed in popular sizes, such as 11″ by 14″, 16″ by 20″ or larger. E-mail me at Bill@Boglephoto.com if you are interested in prints, which are printed with Epson archival inks on archival Moab Entrada Rag paper, or Epson Hot Press Rag paper, and matted with archival materials.

Special offer to those returning customers. If you have an existing calendar and case, and do not need the case, you can save money! The calendar refill for 2016 is $12.02, plus $0.98 NYS Sales Tax, for a total of $13.00. Shipping and handling for the Refill only is $1.50, for a total of $14.50.

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Maintaining an Epson 4900 Printer

The Holy Grail: Epson 4900 clog free
The Holy Grail: Epson 4900 clog free

I love my Epson 4900 printer when it works. The colors are wonderful, and I use the orange and green inks a great deal. But this printer also drives me crazy at times. It is a desktop printer (assuming you have a big and sturdy desk) as it does not come with a stand. The 17″ roll paper feeder and the thick paper feeding system work wonderfully, as does the paper cassette for smaller prints. But as anyone who owns a x900 series printer knows, it comes with its headaches, mainly clogs. I think they should not be called clogs but rather clots, as when you get one, it feels like you are having a stroke. You try to overcome it, but it takes a lot of effort and work to overcome it.

I went about a year and a half without any major clogs. A quick nozzle check and cleaning would normally do the trick. As is often stated, this a a professional printer, and it needs work. You need to print regularly, and I have gone several weeks without printing, and it can be a headache.

Then in February, 2014, a major clog appeared, dropping most of the channels. I searched the internet, and was too scared to try any of the home brew items such as Windex and the like, and tried using moisture, cleaning the capping station, and multiple regular cleaning cycles. I poured a great deal of ink into several maintenance tanks, but got it working. One of the suggestions was to get a humidifier, as my printer is on a table in my basement with baseboard heat in the room. I also got a thermometer with a humidity gauge on it, and tracked the humidity in the room. In the winter it was about 10%, and Epson recommends between 40 to 50% humidity.

This time it was March. I just got back from photo workshop, so I had not printed for a couple of weeks. My printing stated fine, maybe a few dropped lines in the nozzle check, but no apparent banding or lines. Then the green blobs hit. It looked like an alien invaded my landscapes. The green is used for the deep blacks, and my black print nozzle was completely 100% clogged.

I tried my prior gentle process, clean the capping station, wiper blade, even the bottom of the head with distilled water. No change. Then I looked for solutions. Enter, the Ink Jet Mall. Most people with Epson printers know this site. Inks and refillable cartridges for Epson printers. I got a cartridge once for a failed Epson cartridge that was almost full, and it let me use the ink rather than throw it away. The site has a robust help site, and you can find many entries for the 4900. Here is the shopping page, where you can shop for supplies by printer. www.Inkjetmall.com. Click here to go to the Piezoflush link for the Epson 4900.

Epson has taken away some of the needed functionality to consumers to fix their own printers. I think way too many printers have heads prematurely replaced by Epson when a clog appears. Try this first.

You will need the Service program and the service manual, both of which you need to purchase and download, and a windows computer. You need to purchase the refillable cartridges as Piezoflush from Ink Jet Mall, and load the cartridges with the same. Trying to replace just one cartridge with Piezoflush and running regular cleaning attempts won’t do it. I shied away from power cleanings as the documentation notes that repeated attempts can actually fry the head. So what do you do? Get the cartridges for the side with the clogs (or for both sides). You can do an initial fill on each side with the service program. Load the Piezoflush by an initial fill, and you can then see if your clog is fixed. The initial fill opens the nozzles to flush the ink and Piezoflush through the head. There is no issue of frying the head, as it is pumping a volume of ink and fluid through the head. It takes this program to really move the ink, rather than trying to use the head to clear the clog. You can print a nozzle check with Piezoflush, as it has a red color to it, and you can see if the nozzle is corrected. Take the Piezoflush cartridges out, reinstall the ink cartridges, and then run the initial fill again. Be sure to have an extra maintenance tank or two, as you are pushing a good volume of fluid into the same. It will not operate if the maintenance tank is full.

A practice tip. Be sure to remove the small plug (orange on the Ink Jet Mall cartridges) before loading the Piezoflush. If you don’t remove the plug, it is likely you will get an air gap, and it will show as a clog. You will then need to re-run the initial fill. When you remove the cartridges, put the plug back in. I keep mine with the Piezoflush in the cartridge, sealed in a zip lock bag, in a box.

Cleaning page 10-channel-printer
Cleaning page 10-channel-printer

Once back up to speed, run some prints. I ran a test print that I got that has each color as a separate image on one page, which helps push ink through the nozzles. I also found that running a test print for monitors is a good way of regularly exercising your printer. Save the file and run it every day, or every other day, when you don’t have a large print job. Exercise is the best medicine for this printer.

Please note that I am not associated with Ink Jet Mall, or receive any compensation from it. I am just a very happy customer who is printing again with an Epson 4900, and no longer the owner of a large paperweight. As always, your experiences may vary, and I am not responsible for any damage or issues that you might have with this product or your cleaning attempts. I hope this works for you.


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, reflection, and prayer. Thank you to all who gave their all, and to the ones who perished to protect us.

We attended the ceremony on the Walkway over the Hudson last night, and it was quite moving. As darkness feel, we all sang God Bless America. It was a beautiful night, and it was recalled that many soldiers during WWII left their homes in the area on that same bridge.

Memorial Day 2015, Walkway over the Hudson

Memorial Day 2015, Walkway over the Hudson





Honor Guard, Arlington National Cemetery Tomb of the Unknowns
Honor Guard, Arlington National Cemetery Tomb of the Unknowns



I cannot think of Memorial Day without thinking of Arlington National Cemetery. It is a place I try to return to every time I can. I try to always get to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and watch the Honor Guard. Here are some images from the changing of the Guard.

Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery
Honor Guard, Arlington National Cemetery
Honor Guard, Arlington National Cemetery

Yesterday I learned that our neighbor, who is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, who not only served in Vietnam, was a Jump Instructor, and many other positions as a career Army man, was also a member of the Honor Guard. He said the biggest challenge was not to show emotion when a family was told of a lost one when a notification had to be made. He played taps yesterday on his gleaming chrome bugle, getting ready for Memorial Day services. For him it was practice. For all who heard, it was the most glorious sound. Thank you.

Arts Mid Hudson Mother’s Day Pop Up Store

What better gift than art from a local artist.

Mid Hudson Bridge in Fog

I am honored to be included in the Arts Mid-Hudson Mother’s Day Pop Up Store. I have several small 4″ by 6″ framed photograph, a 8″ by 10″ framed photograph of the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Fog (always a favorite image), and several matted 11″ by 14″ photographs. Stop by and pick up some art for your Mom or a loved one (even if that loved one is yourself). Many great artists are presented in the Store. Stop by the beautiful new offices with the gallery space. Support local artists. Here is more information about the Store and the hours. Hurry, it is a pop up store. It won’t be there much longer. It is open until May 16, 2015. Click here POP UP for more information on Arts Mid Hudson location and hours.

Arts Mid-Hudson is located in the Canterbury Plaza at 696 Dutchess Tnpk., Suite F, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603. Open Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday (Hey, it is Mother’s Day anyway). Click here for map and hours.

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That Grey Season

Appalachian Trail, Pawling, NY
Appalachian Trail, Pawling, NY

I find it most difficult to photograph in the late winter and early spring. Perhaps it is because I am worn out by the long hard winter we faced this year, on the heels of last year’s long hard winter. Maybe I am getting old, but it seemed to really beat me down at the end. The snow is gone, the leaves and sticks have to be picked up, and the flowers are starting to come up, but still it is so grey and lifeless for the most part. In Vermont they call this part of the Mud Season, as the snow melts and the rains come, before the plants and grasses take hold.

In 2012 I was in Washington, DC in mid March, and the warm spring had the Cherry Blossoms in bloom in mid-March. Almost missed them, but got some images. This year, it is just happening now, almost a month later. You never can fully plan for Spring or the seasons.

I get excited to see a yard with snow drops in it, but that lends itself to limited images. Perhaps a macro lens, wide open, to repeat the pattern. The crocuses are small, and the backgrounds are dull. I love forests and water, but the forest floors are matted with last years leaves, and little if any growth. It is a time that is hard to get motivated.

I liken Spring to sunrise. You have to plan and get out there even when it is dark (or grey and lifeless). You need to prepare, and be in the right spot, as it soon awakens like sunrise, with one or two warm days and showers. Then all of a sudden everything is in bloom, and if you haven’t planned, or gotten out there, then you miss it. It is like hoping to get up for the sunrise, but turning over in the bed or sleeping bag and catching a bit more sleep.

Appalachian Trail Pool
Appalachian Trail Pool

Let’s get ready. Exercise your camera and yourself. Challenge yourself to make an image when all is not in full bloom. Make a note of where you are and what you want to shoot, and return to the spot when the season starts. It is a short season, so get out and enjoy.