Part of the joy for me in photography is the process. I loved the tactile work of developing and printing black and white negatives in my darkroom. I never thought that digital photography would give me that same sensation or satisfaction, however I was wrong. With all of the wonderful papers available, the photographers who prints their own images controls the look and feel of the image. I prefer cotton rag matte papers, but can print an image in any paper or medium, including canvas. My capture is made with Nikon cameras and lenses, and I print with archival pigment inks with large format Epson Professional printers. Tell me what you like as an image, and I can offer you many sizes or options for that print. At present, I choose Canson Platine for luster or semi gloss prints, and Epson Hot Press Bright or Natural and Moab Entrada Bright or Natural for most prints. My choice is based on the image and its shadow detail and luminosity. I like the colors and textures that a matte paper provides, but some images require the higher contrast and detail a luster paper allows. The combination of paper and HDR ink has archival qualities that outlast many traditional black and white archival prints when properly stored.

In the past, I controlled the entire process, from loading bulk black and white film, developing it and printing it in my own wet darkroom, and then matting and framing my prints. I thought that the control I had over the image would be lost with digital, however once I started to print my own images, I found the same excitement about the choice of papers, exposure, burning and dodging and final print quality in digital prints. I have scanned many of my black and white images and processed them with my digital workflow. The results show more detail and information in the final print than ever before possible.

I have the ability to shoot process and print black and white film, and have cameras ranging from 35mm rangefinders to medium format and a 4″ by 5″ view camera. I feel that my work with traditional film cameras betters my understanding of photography.